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Reviews for the Omelet Shoppe in Dublin, VA

The Omelet Shoppe is open 24 hours a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Dublin, VA
Always find a place to park and the coffee is good, people are friendly. Food is good but my thing is the coffee.
– Cedric T. from Birmingham, AL, via Facebook
First time here; was a bit leary, but gave it a try! I will say that it was much better than Waffle House. Had an omelette, toast, grits w/cheese & OJ. Everything was just as I asked. Portions were just right. And the service was not overly attentive. The waitresses kept moving & cleaning about the place! I will be returning whenever I am in the area!!!
– Lee H. from Huntersville, NC, via Yelp
Excellent service and cheap prices. This restaurant/diner was pretty big too, with lots of booth seating. We stopped here for breakfast on a road trip down to TN. I had grits, eggs and hash browns. All were freshly made and fulfilling. My entire breakfast was about $5. Definitely will stop here again if I’m in the area.
– Gail G. from New York, NY, via TripAdvisor

Reviews for the Omelet Shoppe in Parkersburg, WV

The Omelet Shoppe is open 24 hours a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Parkersburg, WV
Just left and I had the absolute BEST breakfast I ever had! The food was phenomenal, the wait staff and cook was fast and extremely friendly. The restroom was so clean you could eat off the floor! I plan on stopping again the next time I travel through.
– Susan M. from Zanesville, OH, via Facebook
Their new fresh steak burgers are the best in town, especially with the crinkle cut fries, and you can’t get any better anywhere else for the price anywhere around this town, trust me.
– Roderick W. from Parkersburg, WV, via Yelp
Tuesdays are half price omelets. My coworkers and I go for lunch there on Tuesdays for the omelets. The omelet makers do a fantastic job. There are always regulars in the restaurant. The wait staff are great, and if you go back a couple of times, remember you too. Never had to wait for a seat, people are always coming and going. Looks a little dated, but I think that’s part of its charm. They have other specials like Wednesday is sausage gravy and biscuits. Prices are very reasonable.
– Karen A. from St. Marys, WV, via TripAdvisor

Reviews for the Omelet Shoppe in Beckley, WV

The Omelet Shoppe is open 24 hours a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Beckley, WV
My husband and I go here all the time, the food and service is great every single time we go! The servers are always really good to us (however, our personal favorite is Jyoti. We’ve become friends with her over the years and she provides outstanding service to us every time, along with anyone else that goes there). The food is awesome and the prices are really good as well!
– Brittany L. from Lester, WV, via Facebook
Great service, good choice of omelets, and just off I-77. A halt here doesn’t take more than 25 minutes. Perfect place to have a quick bite and head onwards on the road.
– Niranjan P. from Winston-Salem, NC via Yelp
Just passing through, we stopped in to have breakfast for dinner and they didn’t disappoint. Fluffiest omelette I’ve ever eaten, served with western hash browns cooked crispy and sausage that was perfectly spiced. Dinner for 2 for $20!
– Tammi F. from Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany via TripAdvisor